I first consulted Dr Emma Sandford when I was diagnosed with a serious eye condition and I was interested in a more natural approach to healing my eyes.

Through the advise given by Emma, I came to understand that I had to improve my general health and well being to help my eyes.

Completing a very through questionnaire about myself and lifestyle, Emma offered me an insight into myself and how by making changes to my diet and lifestyle I could improve not only my sight but my general health.

Emma's vast knowledge and expertise of herbal treatments has helped not only with my eyes but given me the ability to treat myself effectively when I contracted a painful sinus condition.

As well as ongoing use of herbal treatment for my eye condition by using the other herbs suggested by Emma I am able to ward off any sign of a cold or sore throat very effectively, whereas prior to her advice I would have been unwell, with either doctor visits or buying up the chemist shop!

Although I need to have ongoing retina treatment, without Emma's balanced approach to my eye care, I would have found it very difficult to accept the treatment plan from my Eye Specialist. Emma has been very reassuring throughout this treatment in explaining to me in lay persons terms the medical results and scans which has alleviated any concerns I have re the treatment.

Emma is an outstanding Doctor who is compassionate about her patients. Having a foot in both camps, conventional medicine and progressive natural treatments means that Emma has the knowledge, expertise and wisdom to provide the very best care.

I'm very grateful to Emma for her contribution to my health and wellness.



Urtica Dioica